Shooting Shenanigans

Making our final video for the challenge was the best part of the 24 hours. We literally had tears coming out of our eyes from the incessant bouts of sudent laughter.
So while Nikhil and Samir were writing the paper, Tejus was the camera guy and Advait was the protagonist Govind, who has just come out of prison and has begun to experience post prison trauma signs about him.

I, Rohit, was the narrator and the voice artiste (yes, that creepy robotic voice was mine, I am quite talented you see :p)

Now be it impromptu improvisation from Advait's side to my fumbling and jumbling of the tongue-twisting narrative, there was something in the air (laughing gas maybe) that just wouldn't let us keep a straight face. One inappropriate joke led to another and we all were on the floor, holding our stomachs!

Here's the link to the video:

On a more serious note, the video depicts possible nuggets of incidences that could take place with someone like Govind and how Unshackled would help him sail through them. We addressed many aspects of the targeted audience in the video and presented a demo of the dummy companion product that would go with our platform, Unshackled.

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