Meet The Team

Meet The Team

The OzCHI 2016 24-hour challenge has brought together five zany minds of VIT Pune together, who prefer to call themselves the Carpet Squad (maybe like the Suicide Squad?). 

We took on the OzCHI24 challenge simply because we love to solve problems, we love to brainstorm and design solutions in conjuction with technology. The cherry on the cake here is that here since social issues are addressed, it helps us give back to the society!

Now, the rather whacky name of the team will sound less bizarre and more magical when you get to know their Team Name: The Flying Carpet. Transported to the sand dune-sque world of Alladin and Genie are ya? Wait till you see the logo :

Hips don't lie and Carpets don’t fly, but these guys are hell bent on doing just that. They want to make the impossible plausible. Wanna have a sneak-peek into what makes their carpet fly?

There’s Tejus, the quintessential graphics designer, who likes to crack deadly (deadly, because they can kill you!) puns in his spare time. No prizes at guessing who’s behind the team's logo or the UI for the team's solution of the given problem. Just like the desert rages with sandstorms every now and then, whirlwinds of creativity badger the faculties of his mind, only to translate into serene and ingenious designs on paper.  He’s a pro at recognising patterns of design in everyday life which makes you go – “Hey, how come I never saw it this way!?” His designing style is simplistic yet vibrant.

Nikhil is one genius. And our high-speed 4G provider! Give him a problem, he’ll have a solution. While the rest of the world would have themselves tearing their hair apart under pressure, this guy attacks the problem, one step at a time, with an unusually calm demeanour. We’re praying he’s the next Zuckerberg or Nadella or Pichai - partly because we want all those amazing products free of cost.

Advait is everyone’s favourite. A very congenial guy, he is super helpful. He has his own font. (Actually his handwriting is outlandish, and that according to him, is his own font). Our minds are constantly thinking about food and sleep and well, food again. Now Advait’s mind is either thinking about Algorithms all the time or his mind is an algorithm in process, which means it’s an algorithm thinking about algorithms (recursion, get it?). Damn, this is getting difficult to process – we’ll move on to the next person.

If someone has the potential to create wonders and yet is much grounded (and maybe a bit shy), then that is Samir. He is Mr Voice Artist of the team. The founder of the only coding club of our college, programming runs in his veins. If he could only write a program that could solve our assignments!

And there’s Rohit, who likes to rave about films and actually, anything in general. Once you get to know him, he’ll talk nineteen to the dozen (Thankfully, some of it does make sense).  And when he is not talking he is either reading. Or writing (for instance, this blog). Brainstorming is his forte and he is Mr Eloquent.

The concoction of these multifarious minds is ready to take on the OzCHI challenge or in their language, make carpets fly and create magic!

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