Hope is a good thing :)

After tons and tons of ideas that sparked our minds and extinguished for their lack of depth and breadth, we finally (allelujah!) have a rather unique social issue that has hitherto not been addressed and we plan to take it up and provide interactive design in doing so.

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to come out of prison after say 30 years and step onto the soils of the big bad (wait, prison is bad too) world again.

Imagine the immense amount of shock they must be going through. New technologies, cultural evolutions, faster paces of life, revolutionised cityscapes et al.

There's severe anxiety involved in dealing with this newer work for a shock-addled person, especially if s/he is in his/her twilight years.

Add to this the insurmountable loneliness intensified by cut-off ties, fear of socialising, societal ostracisation and low esteem.

Add to this the health issues they are so susceptible to thanks to the squalid conditions they have lived for the past decades.

Scary right?

But, as the Shawshank Rdemption story goes, not all post prison stories have a tragic ending. There's always hope. And there are people like us.

If our solution can contribute even minutely to help age an elder suffering from post-prison trauma, we would be the happiest designers on the planet!

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